• As part of the Erasmus + project “PRomotion Of Identity, Euopean Culture and Tradition”, ref. no. 2018-1-IT02-KA229-047925_3, 7 students from “Mihai Eminescu” National College, Petroșani, accompanied by Mrs Ștefania Manea, the project coordinator, and Mr. Rolland Szedlacsek, responsible for dissemination and IT activities, participated in Nedeia Troiței, in Parâng tourist resort, on 15 August 2019.

On this occasion, the students had the opportunity to find out a series of information about this holiday from those with whom they spoke and about the products prepared by the locals from Slătinioara and Livezeni from Mr. Filimon Vreja. They attended the official service at the Trinity in the “Căsuţa din Poveşti” meadow, “raised by those who love Parangul, for all those who lived loving Parang and Valea Jiului”, the place where locals and tourists meet every year on Saint Mary. They also watched the show held by “Doina Muntilor Parâng” Folk Group, coordinated by Mr. Tiberiu Coconeț.

The students who participated in this activity together with Mrs. Stefania Manea, coordinator of the project, and Mr. Rolland Szedlacsek, IT engineer.

At the end of the activity, the students who participated were given some tasks to carry out. A group of 3 students had to write and translate a text about pastoral festivals. A student had to make a Power Point Presentation about pastoral festivals and refer to the ones they have attended to give their partners the chance to see what they represent. This presentation was uploaded on the Twinspace.

The activity was disseminated on the school’s Facebook page:

Other 3 students had to create a video entitled: “Reasons to attend pastoral festivals in the Jiu Valley”. They used the data collected at Straja and Parang. Through this video, they want to attract more tourists in this area and promote the local customs and traditions. The video was published on Twinspace. (

  •  On 26 August 2019, at 10.00, 20 students from the target group had an organizational meeting in the IT lab with the coordinator of the project, Mrs. Stefania Manea, with Mr. Rolland Szedlacsek, responsible for dissemination and IT activities, and Mr. Dorin Raduti, and discussed about the activities they are going to do in the next period.
  • On 26 August, 2019, at 11.00, 7 students who are members of the target group of the project “PRomotion Of Identity, Euopean Culture and Tradition” (ref no. 2018-1-IT02-KA229-047925_3), together with Mr. Rolland Szedlacsek, responsible for dissemination and IT activities, visited a special person who contributed a lot to our cultural heritage, Mr. Traian Grunta, 76 years old, from Maleia, Petrosani.Mr. Grunta is the last known wood carver in the Jiul Valley who is still creating (but in a very small number) wooden objects like staves (called ‘boate’) and crosses. The “boate” are staves made of wood created for shepherds in order to be used for protection and sometimes replacing the usual walking sticks. He also carves crosses and this has brought him fame in the nearby regions. They are designed according to his imagination and inspiration, bringing in a mix of culture and art.

We asked Mr. Grunta some questions, such as the time when he started creating these staves or who taught him how to create them. We were amazed by the way he answered the questions, because he is a person who contributed a lot to our legacy, knowing there is no one else to keep on creating the “boate” anymore after his inevitable death. This tradition used to be transmitted from father to son, but unfortunately, his son wasn’t that interested in this to continue the family business.

However, we’ve learnt that creating those handmade staves requires a day’s time in order to finish the entire design, and their price is really accessible.

To conclude, it’s quite sad that he’s the end of a saga full of culture and history, and I really hope there will be somebody to take his place in the future.

Text by Cristian Savu


The aim of the activity was to collect data about traditional occupations in the Jiu Valley that were a source of income for the local people. The activity was disseminated on the Facebook group and on Twinspace. 

The students made a PowerPoint Presentation about wood carving in the Jiu Valley which can be found on Twinspace(



  • On 28 August 3 students from the target group visited “Cetatea dacica de la Banita” (Banita Fortress)  with Mrs. Stefania Manea, coordinator of the project, and Mr. Rolland Szedlacsek, responsible for dissemination and IT as part of the activities of preparing the C3 activity. Because the terrain is very rough and in December it might snow, for security reasons, they decided to make a video with the fortress to be presented during the meeting. 

This is the description of the activity posted on the Facebook group page ( and on Twinspace:


On 28th August 2019, three students from “Mihai Eminescu” National College together with Mrs. Stefania Manea, coordinator of the Erasmus+ Project “Promotion Of Identity, European Culture and Tradition” (ref. no. 2018-1-IT02-KA229-047925_3) and Mr. Roland Szedlacsek, decided to go on a trip to Peștera Bolii (Bolii Cave) to prepare the activity that will take place at Banita Fortress during C3 activity: “Local cultural heritage in a European perspective and the Romanian National Day”. On the official website of the National Centre for Information and Tourist Promotion in Petrosani Municipality (NCITP), it is mentioned that the fortress is spectacular. When we arrived, we were pretty disappointed. The fortress was on top of a hill and it was quite dangerous to get there. Gladly, Mr. Szedlacsek brought his drone to take some pictures and videos of the fortress and of the view. To get a better look, we decided to go on a hike on the opposite hill. The trip did not go as expected because we did not see the actual fortress because of the vegetation, but I can say that we had a really good time.


By Alexandra Mihai

Then, the students made a film with this citadel that will be presented during the C3 activity.

The visit was disseminated on the Facebook group of the project and on Twinspace .

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