May 2021- “Mining Museum”

On 13 May 2021, the students from the target group of the Erasmus + project PROIECT, ref. no. 2018-1-IT02-KA229-047925_3 (2018-2021) attended an online meeting whose guest was Mr. Marian Boboc, museum curator of the Mining Museum from Petrosani. Mr. Boboc is also a poet, a member of the Writers’ Union from Romania, author of around 40 history books, most of them part of the documentary cycle “Lives of the Jiu Valley”.

The aim of the meeting was to take a virtual tour of the museum to inform the students about the history of the mining activity in the Jiu Valley and to make them understand how crucial it is to know this if they want to attract other people in our town and to make the story of our miners heard.

The building that houses the history of mining in the Jiu Valley was rehabilitated between 2018-2020 (that is why we could not visit it during C3 mobility in 2019), based on a European-funded project, and was inaugurated on Miner’s Day, August 6, 2020.

Guided by Mr. Boboc and with Mr. Szedlacsek’s help, we took a virtual tour of the museum. At the beginning, Mr. Boboc gave us some information about the anthem of the miners (whose author is unknown) and then, about Sfanta Varvara (Saint Barbara), the protector of the miners. The museum houses collections of rocks, authentic tools used by the miners, uniforms, helmets, personal collections etc.

This museum is “an epic museum”, as Mr. Boboc said, because among the exhibits, the visitors can find ‘stories’ (documents discovered by Mr. Boboc while he was doing research for his books), that change during the year, so each time you visit the museum you discover something new.

The meeting was a really valuable history lesson full of interesting new information about the mining activity, about the miners from the Jiu Valley and their past.

By Bogdan Albu

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