P5.1. Fota day (Theofania) and the feast of Saint John

In January 2019, the Greek pupils attended the religious events on Fota Day (Theofania) and the feast of Saint John, found information about the “Fota Day” and “Bourlies”, the main custom of the feast of St. John in Hortiatis and produced a relative video.

On the 6th of January, named “Fota”, Christian Feast of Jesus Christ Baptism in the Jordan River, after the liturgy the priest throws the Cross into a tank of water. This water is considered to be holy and all believers drink from it for blessing. In Thessaloniki, the Cross is thrown into the Thermaic Gulf, and many young people fall into the sea to catch it. The one who seizes the Cross is considered to have the blessing of God and it is a great honor for him.

“Bourlies” is the main custom of the feast of St. John in Hortiatis. Believers tie up different fruits, such as apple, orange, lemon, with a string and share them after the liturgy. Βourlies symbolize the bonboniers for the baptism of Jesus Christ.

Also the Greek pupils sang the carols of the First Day of the Year and the carols of the Fota Day and produced videos.

P5.2. Important exponents of local culture (intellectual, artists, poets…)

In January 2019 the Greek pupils studied the activity of important exponents of local culture (intellectual, artists, poets…) and produced a relative presentation.

In specific, they studied four personalities of the Greek culture:

  1. Manos Hatzidakis, composer, maestro, pianist, poet

  2. Nikos Kazantzakis, novelist, translator, poet, philosopher, journalist, screenwriter

  3. George Seferis, poet-diplomat

  4. Melina Merkouri, actor and politician

You can find the presentation at the following URL:


P5.3. Information to other local schools

This activity took place on 20 December 2018 on the occasion of the Christmas school bazaar. The parents, pupils and teachers of the local schools who visited our school bazaar attended a presentation about the Erasmus+ PROIECT activities that took place from September till December 2018. 

P5.4. Educational visit at the exhibition “Evidence of Thessaloniki’s postal history”

On 25 January 2019 the Greek pupils visited the exhibition “Evidence of Thessaloniki’s postal history” at the Institute of History in Thessaloniki.

The material presented belongs to the collector Giorgos Thomareis. The development of the collection included and presented the history of communication between the city of Thessaloniki and the world through postal letters, envelopes and cards. The collector, Giorgos Thomareis, notes “The development of Thessaloniki in the 18th and 19th centuries mainly coincided with the enormous increase in human communication through transport, commerce and correspondence and consequently postal development. This fact makes the Postal History of Thessaloniki a very charming subject for the Historic Researcher but also for the collector and philater”.

P5.5. Organization of the C2 Mobility

On 20 and 22 January 2019 the three schools of the project organized two online meetings in order to have a first live contact, both teachers and pupils and in order to organize the C2 Mobility in Hortiatis – Greece. The on meetings took place at the Twinspace eTwinning platform.

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